5 Wedding Day Regrets

Avoid wedding day regrets by taking the time to read this post.  We would love to help you avoid these mistakes on your wedding planning.


This is your special day.  Get a professional photographer to take your photos.  You may have a friend that takes photos as a hobby however, you can never get these special photos again.  It takes the pressure off you and your friend.  This is one area to splurge and you won’t regret it!  You will have beautiful recollections of your special day as precious memories.

Skipping the Rehearsal

The day of the wedding is very busy.  You have a lot of things going on prior to your special celebration.  Do yourself a favour, and have a rehearsal and be prepared.  It won’t take much time, and it will make your special day flow perfectly.  Your jitters will be minimised!

Too Much Fun the Night Before

Simply said, just don’t go overboard.  Be sure to be rested, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and definitely take it easy on the alcoholic drinks.   Just to remind you; I cannot marry you if you are under the influence of alcohol or other mind changers.   Save it until after the ceremony and celebrations.  Plus you want to look your best for the photos!


This is your special day.  Invite people that you actually want there with you!


Stick to your budget!  You don’t want post-wedding blues after your special day.  Prioritise your must-haves versus might-be-nice-to-have, and let the decision be made.

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