All About Your Wedding Rehearsal

You have been planning and organising for some time now, and finally you’re here!

Within the week of the wedding!  Most probably, the evening before!

The rehearsal prepares yourselves, and your wedding party for the ceremony.  At this point, we will run through the ceremony step-by-step to know the key-marks, like when and where to walk, and at what pace.  Who comes first, the flower girl, the bridesmaids, or the Bride/Groom.  Or, do you want to walk down the aisle as a couple?  Check the music!  If you have a reading of a poem, where will it be for the person presenting it.

The wedding rehearsal generally takes place during the wedding week, so I tentatively book it to accompany the wedding date.  That way it’s locked in as a must have.  Also, at around the same time as the wedding, so that you can see the light at that time of day for photography opportunities.

I block out 60 minutes for the rehearsal time for my clients.  It often doesn’t take that long.   We ask that clients make sure that their wedding party and family arrive on time.

Rehearsal is included in all of our wedding packages, as we believe it is an important part of your pre-wedding celebration.

It is becoming increasingly popular to have a wedding rehearsal dinner.  It gives the opportunity for both sides of the family to have a pre-celebration, and spend some extra time together prior to your special day.  Everyone who attends the rehearsal should also be asked to the rehearsal dinner.

You may choose to include additional family and friends, ceremony readers, or out-of-town guests that have travelled a long distance to attend the wedding.  It can be kept casual if you are considering your budget.  Ie a barbeque is just as good in the backyard for bonding, as it is with a meal in a sit-down restaurant.

Just remember not to have too hard of an evening, as you have a big day ahead and you want to enjoy it.

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