How To Book Susie

Let’s take a look at the process of your wedding ceremony, how to book, and what to expect.

  • 1. Check availability

    Firstly, contact me to make sure that the date is available in my diary, and that the location is one that I can travel to.

  • 2. Receive Contract

    When that has been determined, I will email you a Contract for you to read, complete and sign.  That way, we are all aware of what to expect and what is expected.

  • 3. Booking Deposit

    Contact me and I will send you my bank details for booking.  Please put your name in the reference section and/or send me an email that you are booking that date, time, venue and location, as well as your contact details.

    To lock in the date for you, a $250.00 non-refundable booking deposit is required.  It is non-refundable as I may lose another potential booking on that day if cancelled.

    Should more than one couple be looking at the same date, it will be the first couple to book with a booking deposit that gets that date.

  • 4. Plan Your Dream Ceremony

    Once you have contacted me and booked, we will chat further about your dream ceremony.  I will send three varying styles of ceremonies to you.  This helps you to browse and get a feel for the style that you like.

  • 5. Legalities

    When we meet to fill in the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM), a required and important legal document, you will need to bring your official birth certificate (not an extract) and/or your passport and driver’s licence.  This must be done no later than 1 month prior to the marriage, and not longer than 18 months.  It must be signed and witnessed in front of your celebrant, or a person qualified to authorise it.

  • 6. Suggested Ceremony

    Next, I will create a draft ceremony for you to browse. From there, we will keep crafting your unique and simply, beautiful ceremony, until it is your dream ceremony created; and one that your family and friends will love too!

  • 7. Final Payment

    Four weeks prior to the wedding, your final payment is due.  At the time of receiving the final payment, I will send you a copy of the final;  simply, beautiful ceremony.

  • 8. Wedding Rehearsal

    Rehearsal on location is highly recommended. There, I will give you some helpful hints from years of experience, to make your day run smoothly and calm any nerves.  We practice parts of the ceremony, look at where we stand, even discuss fabulous photo opportunities, and discuss further the music procedures etc.

    However, due to distance, it is not always possible.  In this case, we may need an alternative plan that we chat about close to the time.

    At rehearsal, we will sign the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marry form.  This legal document must be signed within a month prior to officiating the marriage.

The Big Day is Here!

I will arrive at a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the ceremony; well-presented and with my professional PA system and official paperwork in hand – ready to officiate your marriage.

Together, we will deliver your simply, beautiful ceremony in a warm, heartfelt and professional manner.

When it is over, and while you begin celebrating in style your momentous occasion, I will depart quietly.

I will order for you your Official Certificate of Marriage (cost is included in my package pricing) and then complete and send the relevant documents to the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) Vic.

And that is it!   Happily Ever After, Starts Here!

Within 3 to 8 weeks, you will receive your Official Marriage Certificate in an express post envelope.

Note, that the certificate is numbered in the right-hand corner.

This certificate is needed for you to commence changing your name on bank accounts, your driver’s licence and your passport if needed.