Funeral Services & End Of Life Ceremonies

Respectful – Reflective – Professional – Empathetic – Dignified

Unique Ceremonies

Just like everyone’s life journey is uniquely different; so too, are my end-of-life ceremonies and funeral services.  I will do all that I can to create your perfect, final farewell ceremony.

I believe in celebrating the journey of life that we have shared with our loved ones, in a respectful, reflective, professional and empathetic manner.

I am an authorised civil celebrant who has been registered since 2013.  I have been creating, crafting and conducting inspiring ceremonies for funerals, weddings and naming occasions.

Reflect on Life’s Journey

Everyone deserves a beautiful, final farewell.  I feel honoured and privileged to be a part of your loved one’s funeral service and/or special end-of-life ceremony.

At that time, I believe that it gives us all a chance to reflect on life’s journey, and often it reminds us of what is really of value to us in life and living.

Precious Memories

I love hearing inspiring stories, verses and words that connect us all from the heart and soul.  It adds to the precious memories of your loved one and respects their life’s journey through reflection, and honouring their wishes with respect.

Leaving guests talking about how beautiful and inspiring the ceremony was, is my aim.  I want them to know the whole person; not just the times they shared with them.

I have performed funeral services with all Ballarat funeral directors, and am guided by their procedures.  Ask your selected Ballarat funeral director to contact me to check my availability, and we will take it from there.

Funeral Cost

$600 excluding GST


It’s recommended to reach out as soon as possible. Ideally ask your funeral director to contact me after a loved one’s passing to discuss arrangements.

Absolutely. Personalization is key to honoring your loved one. We’ll work together to incorporate meaningful elements and reflect their unique life.

The initial meeting is a chance for us to discuss your preferences, share memories of your loved one, and plan a ceremony that captures their essence.

Certainly. I am open to incorporating any religious or cultural traditions that hold significance for you and your family.

I typically arrive well in advance to coordinate with other service providers and ensure that everything is prepared for a dignified ceremony.

Absolutely. I will work closely with your funeral director and family members to ensure a respectful and smooth ceremony procession.